OmniPlan 3 App Reviews

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Amazing App But where is the Outline mode?

I really love this app. But I wish that the outline found on Mac could also be seen in the ios version. It’s difficult to work in ipad especially if one got used to working from outline. Thanks a lot!

Quite a mature app now!

I had used the original OmniPlan, but was not doing much on my iPad, so didn't make the most of it. In looking last night, I found I could get upgrade pricing on OmniPlan 3, so I took the plunge. Very happy I did! Lots of new functionality, and I LOVE the network view. I'll still use MS Project at work, but at home, I use my iPad exclusively. iOS is soon going to support file-sharing, and workflows/scripting is coming of age in iOS. OmniFocus and OmniOutliner already support scripting. Can't wait until OmniPlan does too!

Waste of time

This product has the worst UI I've ever seen for productivity application. This is the first time ever to review an app but I'm so frustrated and pretty irate about the fact that I just wasted more than $80 on this useless app.

Really $75 for an app that has very little options or formatting

This app should really be 4.99 at most. Its so not worth $75. You cant even move the text to be on the bar. Regretting this purchase within 10 minutes of using it. Everything they advertise is for the mac version. The iPad version really hasn't changed since Omni plan. Totally not worth it.

Excellent project tool

The new features in 3 are very helpful and their support team always responds promptly

Best Third-Party Productivity App To Date

OmniPlan provides a superb user experience and is the best third-party productivity app that I have come across for iPad. Fantastic app!

Need more options on file access

I love it, but need sharepoint integration and onedrive. I don't like just keeping on iPad, because schedules are always updated... Add additional file storage options.

Love this on my iPad Pro

New share options make a great addition! Omni creates software, for decades, that is incomparable in attractiveness, usefulness, and stability. There is real intelligence and creativity in how they create apps. Having version 1 on my iPad made the free update to the Pro version easy, so if you've owned a previous version going Pro doesn't cost extra. The software is expensive, but the extensive time and effort this company puts into creating the best of the best makes it worth it. The new features and integrations are awesome.


OmniPlan 3 is fantastic on the iPad Pro. With the additional screen space, I'm finding I can work entirely from my iPad. Very nice!

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